1. If an Acute Hospital Trust transfer patients over to the care of Somerset Surgical Services does it remain the Trusts activity?

Yes, unless otherwise agreed.

2. Is there an option for Acute Trusts to transfer the surgical element of the pathway to SSS and allow the patients to be seen as a follow up back at the primary hospital?

Yes, follow up care can be transferred back on a case by case basis and if this is the clinician's primary hospital.

3. Can patients already listed for surgery continue their care with the same Consultant?

Yes, if the Consultant is registered with SSS and he has been approved by the Medical Advisory Committee.

4. Do SSS manage the whole administrative process for the patients under their care?

Yes, this is from receipt of referral to discharge.

5. Do SSS work within the national tariff?

Yes, all activity is charged using the HRG, however, locally negotiated tariffs can be discussed.

6. Do SSS provide commissioners with patient information?

Yes, we provide weekly shared data so that the patient's progress along the pathway can be tracked. Patient correspondence is provided and copied into the notes of the referring organisation. GP's receive timely information from the whole patient episode.

7. Do SSS offer both day case and inpatient episodes?

Yes, patients are treated in Weston General Hospital. The admission arrangements will be discussed at the outpatient consultation and will be in line with standard practice for the procedure.

8. Can SSS work with Primary Care Trusts?

Yes, SSS is currrently recognised as a local provider and features on the Choose and Book menu.

9. Can a GP send a referral directly to SSS?

Yes, SSS receive referrals via Choose and Book or through locally agreed pathways of care. 

10. Can local GP's be confident that their patients will be treated by a suitably qualified clinician?

Yes, SSS only work only with local Consultants who hold an NHS substantive contract and are specialists in their field.