1. I am an NHS patient; can I be treated by SSS?

Yes, if your local hospital or Primary Care Trust is working with SSS.

2. What will it cost me to be treated by SSS?

There is no cost to patients who are referred through the NHS.

3. How can I arrange to be treated by SSS?

Your local hospital or Primary Care Trust may contact you and ask if you would like your care transferred to SSS. Please speak with your GP and ask if there is a local arrangement for you to be referred.

4. Who will decide which consultant will be treating me?

The Consultant may be your existing specialist or you will be offered a choice of clinicians from whom you can choose.

5. If I need an operation; who will be performing the surgery?

Your Consultant will perform your surgery.

6. How can I guarantee the quality of treatment?

All clinicians who work with SSS are Consultant Surgeons and  specialists in their field. Your operation will be performed by a surgeon at Consultant level. The Consultant must be approved by SSS Medical Advisory Committee. The hospital unit is CQC approved and therefore meets the essential standards of quality.

7. What are the visiting arrangements?

Whilst most of our patients are treated as Day Cases, the SSS visiting arrangements mirror those of Weston Area Health Trust which are:

  • Visitors may come into hospital during the normal visiting hours of 2.30-4.30pm and 6.30-8.30pm

  • The number of visitors is restricted to two visitors per patient per visiting session

  • Children under the age of 11 will not be admitted to adult wards unless special permission has been granted by the Ward Sister in advance

  • Do not visit if you are unwell or have been exposed to any infection. You must be free of any symptoms for at least 48 hours before visiting the hospital 

  • Understand that, it may be necessary to ask visitors to temporarily leave the bedside on occasions if the nursing or medical staff so require it