Our Services

You can be assured that your care will be managed by an NHS Consultant, registered with the General Medical Council and with a specialist interest in your condition.  As a team it is our goal to develop a package of care tailored to your own personal needs and circumstances. We will deliver you a prompt high quality treatment as a priority in an environment that is safe and secure and supportive of your privacy and dignity.

Our aim is to treat all patients as individuals with an emphasis on making your physical, cultural and psychological needs and preferences the forefront of your episode of care. The consultant treating you will be a local clinician, well respected by GPs and be a known specialist in their chosen field.

We currently cover the following specialties:

  • Orthopaedics - Foot and Ankle, Hand and Wrist, non-complex Spinal Surgery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery 
  • Radiology and diagnostics
  • Ophthalmology 


New outreach services -

NHS Consultant Care Closer to Home

At Harbourside Family Practice, Marina Healthcare Centre, Portishead

In 2015, SSS established an outpatient clinic in Portishead for non-complex plastic surgery.  Patients in the local area have found this to be a convenient local location to attend for an appointment consultation with an NHS Consultant.  Working on the success of this clinic, SSS is now launching additional NHS Consultant outpatient clinics for:

  • Hip and Knee problems

Followed shortly by:

  • Spinal services for lumbar (lower) back problems


These services are available via the National E-Referral Service (previously Choose and Book).  Please ensure that you select the service which contains "Portishead" in the title name of the service to ensure you are booked into a Portishead clinic.

If you are listed for any procedure to be undertaken following your outpatient consultation, this will be performed at Weston General Hospital.